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SALT.Salt.Optics is an independent frame manufacturer, started in 2006 with the ideology that consumers deserve more than mass produced, over-manufactured eyewear. Salt. is set apart by handmade, high quality products that are timeless and simple – not subject to fleeting fashion trends.

Salt. eyeglasses and sunglasses focus on beautiful, simple, classic designs and a perfect fit. They strive to make a connection with consumers by crafting meaning based on quality and back to roots innovation. Striving to bring back the fundamentals to eyewear, Salt. creates a seamless balance of fit, feel, contouring and comfort in each and every frame.

Using the expertise and artistry of Japanese manufacturers, each frame made from high quality materials takes 130 steps to craft. The hardware used marries form and function and is created with taste. Salt. believes that the best style is effortless and natural, not forced or robotic, making its collection style timeless, not trendy.

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