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TC Charton

TC Charton Collection in Belmont, CATC Charton eyewear and sunwear is designed specifically to fit the distinct facial features of individuals of Asian decent. The company’s founder, Alexandra Peng Charton spent years in the optical industry designing eyewear for others, only to discover that standard eyewear never really fit her right. The glasses would lift up when she smiled, rest on her cheekbones or slide down her nose. So she decided to create a collection of eyewear custom made to the facial features of her ethnicity.

The TC Charton collection at our Belmont optical is designed with Asian Fit in mind but also suits many other individuals who just have a hard time fitting standard eyewear, regardless of ethnicity. With over 500 styles, they have the largest selection of Asian Fit eyeglass frames and sunglasses, available in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit a wide variety of faces, features and fashion preferences. TC Charton is a distinctive line of stylish eyewear focused on luxury and crafted to fit for optimal vision and comfort.

Find the perfect fit that you have been searching for with TC Charton.


Update on COVID-19

Family Eye Center Optometry’s focus is, as always, on the health and safety of our patients, staff and the members of our community.

In response to recent recommendations from the California Optometric Association and in compliance with San Mateo County’s shelter in place order we will be temporary closed until May 3, 2020. All regularly scheduled routine eye appointments will be cancelled – we will reach out to reschedule.

If you need assistance in ordering or picking up contacts and glasses please call/text us at 650-654-2015 or email at We will be checking voicemails, texts and emails throughout the day.

Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you back when we reopen – stay tuned for updates.

Alina Kagan, O.D.