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Bevel designer frames Belmont CABevel is not about being the coolest or most recognizable eyewear. Instead they are committed to making eyewear that is truly high quality, classic yet minimalist and innovative in creating the best look, fit and performance. With a focus on shape and color as well as high-quality manufacturing, Bevel eyewear is designed to enhance your look just as cosmetics or apparel would.

Bevel was founded on the understanding that while wearing prescription eyeglasses corrects an optical need, it also brings attention to the face and is an essential accessory in personal style and self-esteem. Known for their sense of humor, style and care the Bevel brand prides itself on design, innovation and exclusivity.

Bevel incorporates rich and funky color blends and innovative shapes and styles to create good looking eyewear that accents and frames the face. Through dedication to creating a fine brand of high quality eyewear, Bevel strives to reach the ultimate goal of helping people feel good about themselves by making them look great.