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Lio Factory Eyewear

Lio Eyewear was founded in 1989 in Italy and has become a booming business. These lenses give off a carefree attitude and are made with top quality lens materials. The lenses are created with a combination of creativity, technicality, and production skills.

Lio has a couple of types of lenses:

Io – Unconventional Italian Eyewear
These lenses focus on being unisex. They are trendy and created for people who want to stand out from the crowd and give off their own personal feel.

This collection of frames are eyeglasses specifically for women. They are created with the inspiration of joy.

Unico is a men’s eyeglasses line with special emphasis on young people but can also gear to the men looking for classic glasses.

They always strived to protect their products so that the “Handmade in Veneto – Italy” brand might reflect the reality of Liò products.