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Xavier Garcia

Xavier Garcia is a popular Spanish eyewear brand loved by our Belmont clients. The company was established in 2008 and within a year, had already launched a collection internationally to wide acclaim. The designer is from Barcelona and pays tribute to his birth city through a genuine love of design, considering each piece in the collection to be a small work of art.

The 15-member team at Xavier Garcia puts a lot of research into deciding which shapes and shades of color will be used. The hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes ensures that the highest standards of absolute comfort and beautiful style are in each frame. The Xavier Garcia brand is about total authenticity and being true to your personality. The team takes inspiration from the city and everything around it. The newest line of eye frames has an urban feel, full of life and color and action.

This newest, 112-piece collection features stunning animal print design such as leopard print with candy pink temples and black rims with zebra patterns on the temples. Round frames with black and white dotted top rims and clear frames with a bright yellow bridge is perfect for a sophisticated, fun look. Neon pink rims in a hexagon-like shape with turquoise temples means you’re ready to be seen and make a bold statement.

Xavier Garcia features an eclectic mix of vivid colors, distinctive patterns, and designer styles usually seen on the runway, and that’s what people love about the brand.