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Paul Frank

Paul Frank AdPaul Frank started in 1995 sewing custom-made wallets and small accessories as gifts to friends. He created original characters Julius and Clancy, who quickly became household names and childhood favorites. For over 24 years, the Paul Frank brand has become synonymous with fun and creativity.

Baumvision has licensed the brand since 2001 and remains the company’s eyewear distributor. The Paul Frank children’s eye frame collection is about one thing: FUN!

There are 66 prescription frames and 35 sunglasses in a multitude of colors and shapes for every child’s whimsy. A number of frames include fine detailing on the corner rims and temples, such as gold streaks and crystal stones for an upscale, designer feel. Others feature designs like nautical white stripes on the bottom rims and a metal chain style on the temples for some serious originality. Paul Frank sunglasses have round, traditional, and oversize frames for a sophisticated look.

Gorgeous colors like chocolate seafoam, glassy orange, tortoise sapphire, and port wine are a wonderful choice for the fashion-conscious kid, while thick black frames are for the kid who loves a smart, chic look.


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